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Frascari Simposia Publications





The Routledge Companion to Architectural Drawings and Models: From Translating to Archiving, Collecting and displaying


Edited by Federica Goffi 


Routledge (forthcoming)












Ceilings and Dreams: The Architecture of Levity


Edited by Paul Emmons, Federica Goffi and Jodi La Coe


Routledge (2020)
















Confabulations: Storytelling in Architecture


Edited by Paul Emmons, Marcia Feuerstein and Carolina Dyer


Routledge (2017)
















A Carefully Folded Ham Sandwich

The Inaugural Frascari Symposium

Edited by Roger Connah 2014

An Evening with Mister F

Towards a Form of Resistant Practice

By Kenneth Frampton 2014

Critical Phenomenology: Architecture and Embodiment

By Jonathan Hale 2013









Books on Frascari's work


Architectural Projects of Marco Frascari. The Pleasure of a Demonstration


Sam Ridgway


Routledge (2015)