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Archival Locations

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Architectural Archives University of Pennsylvania
The complete analog and digital archive of Marco Frascari's drawings, projects, sketchbooks, written materials and notes can be found at the Architectural Archives of the University of Pennsylvania and can be visited upon request. For information please contact the archive.


Marco and Paola Frascari Library, Washington Alexandria Architecture Centre, WAAC, Virginia Tech
The complete collection of books owned by Marco Frascari can be found at the Washington Alexandria Architecture Centre (WAAC, Virginia Tech) in Alexandria Old Town, Virginia, US. For more information please search the Virginia Tech Library system. Books in the Frascari Library can be found by adding to the search the word 'Frascari.'

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Archivio Storico Provinciale di Mantova
A few materials can be found in the Archivio Storico Provincial di Mantova in Italy. These include drawings prepared in the context of the seminars held at the Casa del Mantegna and for the Basilica of St. Andrea in Mantua. These were prepared in the context of summer courses held by Frascari in Mantua, Italy, while he was teaching at the University of Pennsylvania. For more information please contact the archive.

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